Free Cowl Crochet Pattern – Dahlia

Dahlia Double Crochet Cowl – a free crochet cowl pattern! This started with a ribbed double crochet beanie in mustard, and I really wanted something to match so started with this. I didn’t do any counting or looking for ideas, I just chained until I thought it was deep enough and did enough rows for it to be snuggly but not too tight.

Free Crochet Cowl Pattern

I’ve had a couple of shop bought cowls before, those that you can wrap over a couple of times, but found they stretch a lot with time and I didn’t want that to happen with this cowl so kept it as a single loop. You can find a pattern for one of those style cowl scarves here, and more on my Pinterest page.

You can find the ad-free PDF download from Etsy and Ravelry below.

Free Crochet Cowl Pattern

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I really love how simple and classic the ribbed double crochet is, and it’s so so simple for a free cowl crochet pattern because it only uses one stitch! It’s also really easy to customise the size/length to make it just how you want it, as you’ll read below.

Free Crochet Cowl Pattern

I recommend you start with a double crochet foundation row just to keep consistent tension throughout your first row, but a chain row will be fine too if you insist – just keep an eye on your tension.

The yarn I used is a favourite, Paintbox Simply Aran, an acrylic aran / worsted weight yarn in every colour you could want and available worldwide.


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Free Cowl Crochet Pattern


<300g of an Aran weight yarn that pictured is Paintbox Simply Aran in Mustard Yellow

5.5mm hook

Stitches used (US):

  • Double Crochet Foundation Row (there are lots of great YouTube tutorials if unfamiliar)
  • Double Crochet in back loop only (yarn over, pull a loop through the half of the stitch furthest from you, yarn over and pull through two loops on hook, yarn over and pull through remaining two loops on hook)

Other notes and tips:

  • Stitch count is in brackets at the end of each round
  • Adjust the starting chain length to make a thinner or thicker cowl
  • Adjust the number of rows to make a longer or more close fitting cowl


Row 1 – Work a double crochet foundation row for 40 stitches

Row 2 – Chain 2 and work 1 DC  in the back loop until the end of the row (40)

Repeat row 2 for a further 62 rows, 64 in total

Ta dah!

Remember you can find the ad free PDFs below, or pin for later!

Free Crochet Cowl Pattern

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