Hi everyone!

I’m Tahryn, the girl behind Burgundy & Blush.

I love to crochet, craft and daydream about yarn. When i’m not doing those things you can find me working out, watching Netflix or trying to be part of nature (British weather permitting!).

My goals for this blog are to provide you guys with designs and patterns that beginners and experienced makers can follow, by keeping them simple, clean and easy to read! These will all be FREE with lots of other tutorials, tips and resources along the way.

I like to keep my designs fuss free, and you will find my style to be classic and understated. I love using a single colour yarn and stitches that speak for themselves with lots of texture!

If this sounds good to you, you can sign up to my email list below to get free pattern updates, or find me over on Instagram and Ravelry.

See you there!