Granny Hexagon Crochet Cowl Pattern

This granny hexagon crochet cowl pattern is all things soft and cozy to me, the texture and the colours are everything! If I do say so myself.

Hexagon Crochet Cowl Pattern

It uses 3 different colours in an arrangement of granny hexagons joined together and closed off with a border top and bottom.

I used an alpaca blend yarn, which makes it all fuzzy and soft and I can’t help snuggling into it! These colours come from Hobbycraft, a UK chain, but any worsted or aran weight yarn would work just fine. You could definitely find a beautiful palette from the Paintbox range. I think this would be so pretty and wintery in some icy shades of white and blue.

Hexagon Crochet Cowl Pattern

If you prefer to print off your patterns you can find the ad-free PDF versions below.

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This hexagon crochet cowl pattern was originally a guest post over on Bella Coco Crochet, where you’ll also be able to follow a tutorial for the crochet hexagon should you need one.

Hexagon Crochet Cowl Pattern


• 3 colours of aran weight yarn, no more than 100g of each

• 5.0mm hook

• Scissors and needle for finishing


Pattern is in UK terms (unlike most of my other patterns which are in US terms).

Pattern is formed from individual hexagons joined together, with a border top and bottom to fill in the gaps.


Make 6 in each colour (if using three colours), 18 hexagons in total.

Row 1 – CH4, sl st into the first CH to form a loop. CH3, then working in the loop formed by the CH4, work 1TR. Repeat the following *CH2, 2TR* 5x. CH2 and sl st into the top of the first CH3.
Row 2 – CH3, TR into the next stitch. TR, CH2, TR into the CH2 space. Repeat the following *TR in the next 2. TR, CH2, TR in the CH2 space* 5x. TR in the next stitch. Sl st into the first TR of the row.
Row 3 – CH3, TR into the next 2 stitches. TR, CH2, TR into the CH2 space. Repeat the following *TR in the next 4. TR, CH2, TR in the CH2 space* 5x. TR in the next stitch. Sl st into the first TR of the row.

Close off and weave in ends.


Join 9 hexagons together in a straight line using an invisible seaming method in your pattern order of preference. Join the first hexagon to the last to make a loop.

Arrange the remaining hexagons in the coordinating order. I prefer to join these in a row as per the previous step then join the two rows together, though you can add each hexagon as you go if you prefer. Use the same method to join.


Working in the top row of hexagons, choose the right colour yarn to maintain the colour pattern and join to the TR at the top of one of your hexagons. Over the following stitches, work 1 sl st , HTR, TR, TR, DTR, DTR, DTR, TR, TR, HTR, sl st, sl st, sl st. This should have levelled out the space between your two hexagons.

Continue with your colour scheme around every gap around, working 3 sl st, HTR, 2TR, 3DTR, 2TR, HTR, 3 sl st.

After completing that row, change to a colour of your choice. CH3, work 1TR in every stitch around. You may wish to crochet over your ends from the previous row at this stage.

Repeat this step with a second colour.

Carry out the same steps on the bottom half of the cowl, and weave in ends to finish!

Pin for later or find your PDF download version below.

Hexagon Crochet Cowl Pattern