Dahlia Double Beanie Pattern

A soft and classic free ribbed beanie pattern with a form fit for a standard adult female. Made in one flat rectangle piece with just one stitch, joining the sides to form the hat at the end. A coordinating cowl scarf pattern is also on the blog, available here.

This is my favourite beanie pattern as its so so simple being made from one rectangle so no messing around counting, and the repetitive stitches are good for a relaxing project! A finer yarn on a beanie makes it softer and more wearable throughout the season I find, vs a chunky that can be too heavy for autumn/fall.

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Free Ribbed Beanie Pattern


  • <200g of an Aran weight yarn (Yarn pictured is Paintbox Simply Aran in Teal)
  • 4.5mm hook
  • Scissors and needle for finishing
  • Optional Pom Poms of your choice

Concentration level – Very simple oncestarted past the foundation row. Only one stitch used and no changes of stitchcount, so very easy on the concentration scale.

Stitches used (US terms):

  • Double Crochet Foundation Row (there are lots of greatYouTube tutorials if unfamiliar)
  • Double Crochet in back loop only (yarn over, pull aloop through the half of the stitch furthest from you, yarn over and pullthrough two loops on hook, yarn over and pull through remaining two loops onhook)

Abbreviations and conversions

Double Crochet in back loop only (DC) Treble Crochet in back loop only(TC)
Slip Stitch (SS)
Chain (CH)
Join the short sides ofyour rectangle with a slip stitch in each of the 52 stitches, or sew with aneedle. Close off and leave a long tail.

Free ribbed beanie pattern

Using a needle and the tail, weave across the long edge of the rectangle to pull the hat closed as you go.


Free ribbed beanie patternFree ribbed beanie pattern

Depending on your pom choice, secure and close off neatly or leave a tail to secure the pom.

You can find the PDF version of this free ribbed beanie pattern below, or add to Pinterest for a later date.