Caspia Chunky Beanie Pattern

Another free crochet beanie pattern for you! This one is a soft and chunky beanie with a form fit for a standard sized adult female. Made in one flat rectangle piece with just one stitch, joining the sides to form the hat at the end.

This is one of my favourites as it works up so quickly in the chunky yarn, so much so I decided to make a matching cowl that you find the pattern for here. It’s super beginner friendly as we’ll be using just one stitch, a double crochet.

I think this would make a great unisex beanie crochet pattern as it’s fuss free and this grey would be great on anyone, with the room to use the pom pom to add a pop of colour! I had to keep the first one I made as I added a white faux fur pom to it and I could hardly let that go could I..

You can find the ad free PDF downloads below.

Free Crochet Beanie Pattern


  • <200g of a chunky weight yarn (Yarn pictured is WI Soft & Chunky)
  • 6.0mm hook
  • Scissors and needle for finishing
  • Optional Pom Poms of your choice

Concentration level – Only one stitch used and no changes of stitch count, so very easy on the concentration scale.

Stitches used (US terms):

  • Double Crochet in back loop  (yarn over and pull up a loop through the half the stitch furthest from you, yarn over and pull through 2 loops, yarn over and pull through the remaining 2 loops)

Abbreviations and conversions

Double Crochet in back loop only (DC) Treble Crochet in back loop only(TC)
Slip Stitch (SS)
Chain (CH)
Row 1 – CH32, work 1 DC in 2nd CH from hook and the back loop of every stitch until the end (30)

Row 2 – CH2, work 1 DC in the back loop of every stitch until the end (30)

Repeat row 2 for afurther 34 rows, 36 in total.

Free beanie crochet pattern

Join the short sides of your rectangle with a slip stitch in each of the 30 stitches, or sew with a needle. Close off and leave a long tail.

Using a needle and the tail, weave across the long edge of the rectangle to pull the hat closed as you go.

Free beanie crochet pattern

Depending on your pom choice, secure and close off neatly or leave a tail to secure the pom. 

Ta dah! Simple as that. Remember you can get the ad free PDF versions below.