Snowflake Crochet Christmas Sweater

The snowflake crochet Christmas sweater is festive, fun and fitted (if you choose!) and adds a touch of class for the holiday season if you fancy a change from garish and unflattering christmas jumpers. There’s definitely room in my heart for ugly christmas sweater day, but sometimes you want something classic and pretty for the holidays.

The great thing about top down sweaters like this is that you can customize them to your body shape and try on as you go. When I first started crocheting one of the things that put me off making garments was that I was so worried about putting hours into a project to put it on at the end and have it not fit! With this style there is no sewing, and you can make adjustments up or down if it’s not fitting quite right.

Crochet Christmas Sweater Pattern

I don’t know about you but I have a tricky figure to dress, and find that tops or sweaters that fit me on the bust are too big everywhere else and it adds weight to me! So this crochet christmas sweater pattern is different in that it has options to increase in the right places for a bigger bust, and decrease in the right places to accentuate your waist if you like to. You can also go ahead and make it in the ‘usual’ way for a standard fit.

The colour changes on the snowflake are the same for every size to keep it simple to read, and are done by following a chart.

There’s no getting away from small stitches when using colourwork sometimes, so it uses aran weight yarn to speed up the process a little, make it nice and cozy, and give you more time to make yours for Christmas!

Crochet Christmas Sweater Pattern

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Where to get your crochet Christmas sweater

You can find the ad-free printable PDF pattern in sizes XS to 3X on your favorite pattern library below!

What you’ll need

You’ll need 500-1100g or 900-2000 yards of aran/worsted weight yarn.
A 4.5mm/G hook and 5.5mm/I hook
Scissors and needle for finishing

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Yarn amounts are below.

SizeYarn GramsYarn Yards

You can find the PDF in sizes from XS to 5X from your favourite pattern store!

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