Bobble Beanie Crochet Pattern

If you’re looking for a fun but simple hat for mommy and me (or the whole family!) the bobble beanie crochet pattern is for you! And, if you like matchy matchy sets like I do, there is a coordinating crochet mittens pattern and a scarf pattern coming soon too.

Bobble Beanie Crochet Pattern

The hat is worked bottom up and in the round, in easy and beginner friendly stitches; hdc and puff stitch. It’s quick and easy for crocheters of all levels.

I love a crochet beanie with a faux fur pom pom personally, but it’s cute without in the smaller sizes too. Or you could make your own pom with yarn to coordinate or clash with your puff stitches!

I made both of these using Paintbox Simply Aran in Vintage Pink and Misty Grey.

Bobble Beanie Crochet Pattern

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More Free Crochet Patterns

The free pattern in this post is for a medium adult size, with all sizes available in the ad-free PDF from your favourite pattern store below.

Bobble Beanie Crochet Pattern

What you’ll need:

  • <160 yards or 100g of aran/worsted weight yarn
  • 4.5mm hook
  • Scissors and needle for finishing
  • Pom pom

Terms & Abbreviations

Pattern is written in US terms.

Chain – ch
Slip Stitch – sl st
Stitch(es) – st(s)
Skip – sk
Half Double Crochet – hdc
Single Crochet – sc

Special Stitches

Puff Stitch:

  • Yarn over, pull up a loop (3 on hook)
  • YO, insert your hook through the same stitch, pull up another loop (5 on hook)
  • Repeat 2x more, until you have 9 loops on your hook.
  • YO and pull through all 9 loops


11 rows of 13 hdc in 4″x4″


  • Starting chains do not count as a stitch
  • Stitch counts will be in brackets at the end of each row
  • ‘hdc 11’ means work 1 hdc in the next 11 sts
  • Bobbles can be worked in a single colour to just add texture, a contrasting colour to stand out against the hdc sts, or a number of colours to use up scraps!
  • The yarn for the puff sts can be carried or cut and sewn for each stitch
  • To change colour, pull through the 3 loops of the last hdc with the new colour. Complete the puff stitch with the same colour. Change back by pulling up the old colour with the next hdc.

Free Bobble Beanie Crochet Pattern


Row 1: ch8, sc in 2nd ch from hook and to the end (7)

Row 2: ch1, turn, sc in the back loop of each st (7)

Repeat Row 2 until you have (72) rows.

Join the first and last rows with sl sts to form a loop. Turn the right way round to continue, leaving the sl sts on the inside.

Hat Body

Refer to the notes section for hdc placement.

Row 1: turn to work horizontally, ch2, hdc in the top of each ribbed row, sl st (72) St count will not change beyond this point.

Row 2: ch2, hdc 11, *puff st, hdc 12* repeat * around, finishing with hdc in each leftover st, sl st

Row 3: ch2, hdc in each st, sl st

Row 4: ch2, hdc 4, *puff st, hdc 12* repeat * around, finishing with hdc in each leftover st, sl st

Rows 5 to 7: ch2, hdc in each st, sl st

Row 8: ch2, hdc 1, *puff st, hdc 12* repeat * around, finishing with hdc in each leftover st, sl st

Rows 9 to 11: ch2, hdc in each st, sl st

Row 12: Repeat Row 2

Row 13: Repeat Row 3

Row 14: Repeat Row 4

Rows 15 to 17: Repeat Row 5

Row 18: Repeat Row 8

Row 19: Repeat Row 5

Row 20: Repeat Row 5

Skip to end.


Row 1: ch2, hdc2tog across all sts, with a final hdc if you have 1 st leftover (36)

Row 2: Repeat Row 1 (18)

Cinch the hole closed with a needle or hook and attach pom to finish off (optional).

For the other sizes of the Bobble Beanie crochet pattern, from newborn to large adult, get the PDF below!