Oven Mitt Pattern

I’m into the home projects lately and loving them on Pinterest, so here’s an oven mitt crochet pattern for you guys. I was going to make a bigger one in one piece with a hand space at each end, but the truth is that I ran out of yarn! So I went with a smaller square for one hand, which I actually prefer now as it can be used for a hot pan handle too. I may or may not have used it to hold a tub of ice cream as well…

Taking pictures for this was the perfect excuse to bake, who doesn’t love a cinnamon swirl!

Oven Mitt Crochet Pattern

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I used Lily Sugar n Cream cotton in Grey, it’s perfect for a piece like this that will be subject to heat and the wear and tear of being used in the kitchen. An acrylic yarn or something that would melt could be a disaster, so make sure to research your yarn properties if you’re not sure. What’s also great about the Sugar n Cream is that it’s quite thick for a cotton (worsted/aran), perfect for protecting your hands from hot surfaces – it’s whole purpose!

I also love the Paintbox cotton aran over at LoveCrafts, but this is a little lighter so make sure you have no gaps. It’s available in 56 shades!

You can find the ad free PDF version below.

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Oven Mitt Crochet Pattern


1 skein Lily Sugar n Cream

5.0mm Crochet Hook

Needle and scissors for finishing


Stitches & Abbreviations (US terms)

Waffle Stitch (explained in the row instructions)

Double Crochet (DC) / Front post double crochet (FPDC)

Single Crochet (SC)

Chain (CH)

Pattern Steps

Row 1 – CH28, DC in the 2nd CH and each remaining stitch (27 DC total)

Row 2 – This is the start of the waffle stitch. CH1 and turn, 1 DC. 1 FPDC. *2 DC 1 FPDC* repeat 8 times. 1 FPDC. 1 DC. (27)

Oven Mitt Crochet Pattern

Row 3 – CH1 and turn. DC in next 2. *2 FPDC, 1 DC* repeat 8 times. 1 DC. (27)

Repeat rows 2 and 3, 6 more times.

Row 16 – CH1, SC in back loop only in each stitch. (27)

Row 17 – SC in each stitch. (27)

Repeat row 17, 25 times. This should be the point where you can fold the rectangle in half and make a square, if this means more or fewer rows of SC then no problem.

CH18 and SS into the starting CH to use as a loop for hanging. (Optional)

Stitch together the sides of your square, leaving a gap across the top for your hand!

Have a go at this oven mitt crochet pattern or pin for later!