Christmas Tree Crochet Garland Pattern

This is part 2 of the festive garland series of tutorials that will be up on the blog, and it continues to be simple for beginners with this Christmas tree crochet pattern. Part 1 was the Christmas Baubles crochet pattern, with the others linked below.

It’s made up primarily of one stitch, and works up really quickly as the cutest garland for a Christmas decoration you can make yourself for your home.

It would also make a sweet gift, and works individually as a Christmas tree crochet decoration as individual trees. Find more on Pinterest!

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I’ve used a range of DK yarn from Aldi, a 3.5mm hook and a needle for sewing in ends.

Stitches are in US terms, DC is double crochet, SC is single crochet, SS is slip stitch, 2TOG is single crochet 2 together / decrease.

Stitch count is in brackets at the end of each row.

Christmas Tree Crochet Pattern

Row 1 – CH16, SC in 2nd CH from hook and every stitch until the last (15)

Row 2 – CH1, 2TOG, SC in next 11, 2TOG (13)

Christmas tree crochet pattern

Row 3 – CH1, work 1 SC in every stitch until the end (13)

Row 4 – CH1, 2TOG, SC in next 9, 2TOG (11)

Row 5 – CH1, work 1 SC in every stitch until the end (11)

Christmas tree crochet pattern

Carry on in this way, working one decreasing row and one maintaining row until you reach a stitch count of 3.

Christmas tree crochet pattern

After you have worked the maintaining row at 3, CH1 and work 2TOG followed by a single SC (2). Then CH1, turn, and SS to close.

Christmas tree crochet pattern

With your yarn choice for the base/bottom of the tree:

CH5, DC in 3rd CH from hook and DC until the end of the row (3). CH3, DC 3. Close off and join to the tree using a hook or needle.

Christmas tree crochet pattern

Work a single bobble stitch in a contrasting stitch to use as the star of the tree and stitch on, or attach something sparkly of your choice 🙂

Christmas tree crochet pattern

Weave in all ends, leaving a tail of around 10cm at the top of the tree to join to your garland if required.

Christmas tree crochet pattern

Tag me in your finished versions on Instagram, or pin for later!

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