Aspen Mittens – Crochet Fingerless Gloves Pattern

The Alpine Stitch is one of my favourites, so i’m excited to use them in this crochet fingerless gloves pattern. For a stitch so pretty it’s a lot easier than it looks, just using alternating front and back post double crochet!

Crochet Fingerless Mittens Pattern

I think it gives a lovely soft look, and looks gorgeous in lots of different yarn types. It’s a classic go to for me. If you’ve never tried it you can find a photo tutorial here.

It’s so versatile too, i’m using it for winter accessories here but i’ve seen some beautiful blankets and pillows using this stitch. I also have a bag pattern using the alpine stitch here.

If you want to make these fingerless mittens in your own time you can find the ad free PDF versions below.

Crochet Fingerless Gloves Pattern

You’ll need:

<100g of an Aran weight yarn
4.0mm hook
Scissors and needle for finishing

Crochet Fingerless Mittens Pattern

Pattern Steps

Ribbed wrist:

Row 1 – CH9, SC in the 2nd ST from the hook and each ST until the end (8)

Row 2 – CH1, SC in the back loop of each ST until the end (8)

Repeat Row 2 until you have 24 rows of SC. Join the last row to the first row with slip stitches, turn the right way round to continue the next stage of horizontal stitches.


Row 1 – CH2, DC in each SC row, SS to close (24)

Row 2 – CH2, alternate DC and FPDC around – the Alpine stitch. SS to close (24)

Row 3 – CH2, 2DC in the first ST. Continue with Alpine stitch around, working DCs into the FPDCs and vice versa. Work 2 DCs into the last FPDC as an increase. SS to close (26)

Row 4 – CH2, 2DC in the first ST, DC in the next. Continue with Alpine stitch around. Work 2 DCs into the last DC. SS to close (28)

Row 5 – Repeat Row 4 (30)

Row 6 – CH2, FPDC in the first ST. Continue with Alpine stitch around, finishing on a DC in the last DC. SS to close (30)

Row 7 – SS across over 4 STs. CH2, DC in the same ST. Continue with Alpine stitch around for 24 STs in total. SS into the front of the first DC of this row (24)

Row 8 – CH2, Alpine stitch around, adding an extra DC around the SS join in the previous row. SS to join (25)

Row 9 – CH2, Alpine stitch around. SS to join (25)

Row 10 – Repeat Row 9 (25)

Close in ends and finish. Repeat for the 2nd hand!

You can add to Pinterest for later or find the ad free PDFs below.