Yankee Candle Crochet Cover

A quick and simple post today with this crochet candle cover pattern. I’ve had some candles on my fireplace for a while that have been irritating me because they don’t match with the decor, but I love the scent! I’m really into fruity flavoured candles and they don’t tend to come in very subtle colours, especially the gorgeous Yankee ones. That’s why I made up this quick cover!

Crochet candle cover

I’ve used a chunky yarn, WI soft & smooth from Hobbycraft but any chunky weight will be fine. I’ve not gone with any specialist basket yarn or anything here, i’ve actually used the exact same one on hats and scarves!

I know many of you will be able to knock one of these up yourselves no problem, but hopefully this will help a beginner or somebody looking for the right size for a Yankee candle in particular. My favourite is black cherry!

With the chunky yarn I used a 7.0mm hook. We’ll be using single crochet in US terms (SC).

Row 1 – In a magic ring, SC 6.

Row 2 – Working in the round, work 2 SC in each stitch around (12).

Row 3 – Work 2 SC in each stitch around (24).

Row 4 – Repeat the following pattern around – SC2, SC1, SC1

Rows 5-16 – 1SC in every stitch around.


To customise, work your increasing rounds as large as the base of your candle, and continue with as many rows of SC as you like for the height.

Hope you like this little crochet candle cover, pin for later!